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Christmas party(1999〜2007)

Myoga Family New Year Party 2008(2008.1.2)

Seiji's wedding ceremony at Chinzanso(2007.12.9)

Summer holiday in Mr.Fukuda's Yatsugatake House(2007.8.17〜8.19)

Summer camp in Sugadaira(2007.7.27〜7.30)

Golden Week in Mr.Fukuda's Yatsugatake House(2007.5.3〜5.5)

Skiing in Furano(2007.3.23〜3.28)

Myoga Family New Year Party 2007(2007.1.2)

Summer Vacation in Shiga Kogen(2006.8.13〜8.15)

Golden Week in Mr.Fukuda's Yatsugatake House(2006.5.3〜5.5)

Kohei's entrance ceremony of Soshigaya Elementary School(2006.4.6)

The Dom Perignon Party(2006.4.1)

Skiing in Furano(2006.3.24〜3.28)

Kohei's graduation ceremony of Akebono Preschool(2006.3.18)

Exhibition of Soshigaya Elementary School 2005(2005.11.12)

Summer vacation in Mr.Fukuda's Yatsugatake House again(2005.8.16〜8.17)

Vacation in Ise(2005.8.15〜8.16)

Pokemon Park & The Dinosaur Expo 2005(2005.8.13)

Aichi EXPO 2005 in high summer(2005.8.12〜8.14)

Golden Week in Mr.Fukuda's Yatsugatake House(2005.5.2〜5.5)

Holiday in Gamagori(2005.3.31)

Aichi EXPO 2005(2005.3.29〜30)

Skiing in Furano(2005.2.11〜2.14)

LABO PARTY(2004.12.23)

the summer holidays in Tateshina(2004.8.18〜21)

at Suishohama in Fukui Prefecture(2004.8.14)

at Inuyama Monkey Park in Gifu Prefecture(2004.8.12)

at the Nagoya Airport(2004.8.9)

LABO PARTY(2004.7.19)

Kohei's birthday(2004.6.10)

Children's day 2004(2004.5.5)

LABO PARTY(2003.12.7)

at Jogashima(2003.11.16)

Exhibition of Soshigaya Elementary School(2003.11.15)

"7(Shichi)-5(go)-3(san)" that means the festival day for children aged seven, five and three(2003.11.2)

one autumn day(2003.10.13)

Soshigaya Autumn Festival(2003.10.12)

Farewell party for Akira's family(2003.8.14)

Nagashima Spa Land(2003.8.13)

Visiting Setagaya Rugby School Summer Camp in Sugadaira(2003.7.27)


Summer Festival in Kinuta(2003.7.26)

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation(2003.7.20)

LABO PARTY "Odysseus"(2003.7.13)

Kohei's birthday(2003.6.10)

Keiji & Kohei(2003.6.1)

Mr. Arthur Kluger and Mrs. Susan Kluger at my home(2003.5.17)

Children's day 2003(2003.5.5)

Kohei's entrance ceremony of Akebono Preschool(2003.4.9)

Holidays in Nagoya(2003.3.30〜4.3)

Keio University Rugby Football Club New Year Party 2003(2003.1.2)

Myoga Family New Year Party 2003(2003.1.2)


Christmas in Los Angeles(2002.12.21〜12.25)

summer vacation in Phuket & Tipei(2002.8.17〜8.24)

The Greatest Dinosaur Expo 2002(2002.9.16)

Exhibition of Soshigaya Elementary School(2001.11.18)

Inokashira Park(2002.02.23)

Aburatsubo Marine Park(2002.06.11)

The Yamashita in Nagoya(2002.06.11)

Activity of LABO Party(2001〜2002)

Party at my house(2001〜2002)

New Year Cards

The Sweden House

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